Businesses Praise CA Governor for Signing Net Neutrality Bill

Media Release

Sacramento, CA – In support of California’s Governor Jerry Brown signing into law net neutrality legislation introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) released the following statement. It may be attributed to CEO Hammad Atassi:

“ASBC and its members are pleased that Governor Brown has signed SB 822 into law. This law is a model for other states to follow since it will implement strong net neutrality protections in California. While we prefer a federal solution, we support individual states taking the lead when necessary. Our members know that net neutrality rules and strong enforcement are key to maintaining a fair and open internet. An open internet is crucial for the exchange of ideas, job creation, and business growth.”

At the federal level, ASBC is co-sponsoring with Small Business Majority and Main Street Alliance a national business sign-on statement that calls on the U.S. Congress to restore net neutrality protections through any possible means. It says, in part, “Removing the 2015 standards undermines our free market economy by handing internet access providers immense power to steer businesses and customers one way or another.” That statement may be found here:

ASBC has also released a white paper, “The Business Case for Net Neutrality.” It describes the risks to business and the economy from the loss of net neutrality protections.