Bromberger Law

Leadership Business Member

Bromberger Law works at the intersection of business and philanthropy, representing clients in a broad range of activities that range from non-profit to commercial. ​

Our focus is social enterprise, advising entities that seek to do good while doing well, often using market-based business strategies, whether non-profit, for-profit, or hybrid, advising such organizations on all matters from inception to exit. We represent entrepreneurs and their advisors, charities, private foundations, funders, investors, intermediaries, DAFs and fiscal sponsors in a wide variety of legal matters.​

Inspired by the growth of the new economy, Bromberger Law evolved out of a traditional business and non-profit law practice to serve social enterprises. Now at the forefront of the fourth sector and social enterprise movements that have risen to prominence in recent years, Bromberger Law is leading the way, bringing social enterprise into the mainstream and sharing its benefits with the larger economy.

Our values are integrity, honesty, humility, and service. We serve each client individually according to its own unique needs and objectives.

Drawing on traditional business and non-profit jurisprudence, adapted to meet the needs of today’s social entrepreneurs, Bromberger Law is helping to build the field by writing, teaching, and developing templates and new methodologies, sharing success stories of this new generation.