Remaking & Revitalizing the Economy
Online Event


ASBC and SVC have formed a new alliance to establish one of the leading socially responsible business and impact investment groups, uniting top entrepreneurs and impact investors, and the leaders of mission-driven companies in common cause while amplifying and extending the collective voice of the sustainable business community in previously impossible ways. This collaboration is a powerful new force for environmental change and economic justice at the federal, state and local levels, one that rejects short-term thinking narrowly focused on short-term shareholder value in favor of a stakeholder economy based on creating long-term worth and universal accountability.

This virtual conference, previously hosted annually by SVC, exists to facilitate meaningful peer-to-peer conversations and action around shared interests for the 1,000+ members of ASBC-SVC: businesses, entrepreneurs, impact investors, policy makers, and capacity-builders working to create an economy that works for all.


All times Eastern

Day 1 – Tuesday, December 1 (Public)

11am-12pm: Plenary Panel (Open to the Public)

2pm-4:30pm: Beyond the Pitch (Open to Investors-Only)

Day 2 – Wednesday, December 2 (Registered Attendees Only)

11am-12pm: Plenary Panel

1-2:15pm: Small Group Breakouts

  • Employee Ownership
  • Capital Access for Entrepreneurs of Color
  • Impact Management & Measurement
  • Alternative Term Sheets

2:45-4pm: Small Group Breakouts

  • Restorative Finance
  • Social Procurement – Doing Business Together
  • Data Analysis: Who is Being Represented & How to Increase Representation
  • How Are We Coping, Responding, Co-Creating The New Equitable, Resilient Economy
  • How to Raise Capital at Any Stage

Day 3 – Thursday, December 3 (Registered Attendees Only)

11am-11:40am: The Elections and Beyond

11:45am-12:45pm: Plenary Panel – Creating an Economic System That Works for All

1:30-2:30pm: Small Group Breakouts: ASBC Policy Working Groups

  • Climate & Energy
  • Circular Economy
  • Race & Equity
  • Safer Chemicals
  • Regenerative Agriculture

2:45-4pm: TBA

Day 4 – Friday, December 4 (Registered Attendees Only)

11am-12pm: Plenary Panel

1-2:15pm: Small Group Breakouts

  • Nature SVC Working Group
  • Community Capital SVC Working Group
  • Business Resiliency & Adaptation

2:45-4pm: Small Group Breakouts

  • How Do Investors Measure Non-Financial Goals?
  • Impact Field Building: Stewardship Circle
  • Success Models
  • Pathways to Equitable Investment
  • Spirituality & Business

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