Pesticides, Cancer Prevention & Business Solutions


In recognition of National Cancer Prevention Month, join ASBC and the Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative for a special webinar on the importance of protecting our environment and communities from toxic pesticides and lifting up the solutions already within our reach.

Toxic chemicals in the environment and the places where children live, learn and play are also important risk factors for cancer. Toxic pesticides have a significant impact and have been clearly linked as a carcinogen. Communities of color and low-income communities are at high risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals. Moving away from toxic substances toward safer chemicals and products will drive innovation and job creation while also making workplaces and communities safer. 

 It is time to take action to protect our vulnerable communities from exposure to toxic chemicals and pesticides and move forward with solutions from regenerative agriculture to utilization of non-toxic plant-based products. 

Join a distinguished panel for this important conversation, Wednesday, February 24 at 3 PM ET, on how business and policymakers can take action on shifting towards safer chemicals and reducing exposure to toxic chemicals.