An overview on creating a more inclusive economy through Greyston’s Open Hiring model.

COVID-19 and the recent outcry for racial justice have amplified the need for businesses to do more than turn a profit and issue statements. It’s time for business leaders to put words into action and walk the walk.

How can companies rebuild an economy that’s more supportive for those who’ve been left out?

Learn how resources can be better spent investing in employees rather than screening them out. Open Hiring – no resumes, no background checks, no interviews – removes unnecessary barriers to employment and provides marginalized populations with real opportunities to prosper.

Since 1982, Greyston Bakery has opened its doors to people who ordinarily face rejection, transforming lives and communities, and breaking the cycles of poverty in the process. Today, we are scaling our mission to impact the millions of people facing barriers to employment.
Topics to be discussed include:

  • Key Elements of Open Hiring
  • Success Stories – Hear from The Body Shop about its success implementing the model
  • Business and Social Impacts
  • Employer Concerns/Mitigating Risk

Participants also will be encouraged to reflect on the viability of Open Hiring as a possible staffing solution in their organizations.
Come discover how to create a level playing field for all.