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ASBN Masterclass: The Value of Values: Building Resilient Culture Rooted by Values


Join us for an interactive masterclass with Martha Williams and John Scilipote, Senior Consultants and founders at Culture Shift Agency & BreakBread World for a conversation on the importance values play in building culture and creating community.

What if you showed up for a Zoom meeting and the check-in was “Please put your name, where you’re calling in from, your company name, and your company values in the chat”? What would you type in the chat? More importantly, what would your employees or coworkers type? Your organization’s culture is the collective result of how employees think, behave, and relate while working. Your organization’s values form the bedrock of your culture – how decisions are made, goals are achieved, and missions fulfilled – and when confronted with challenges, how we respond (or react).

If you haven’t clearly set out a specific set of values, don’t let yourself be fooled – they are there, and operating in the dark. And for those of you who have, are you walking the walk? And are you helping your coworkers do the same?

Join us for an informative and participatory hour of conversation on values and their role in your organization. 

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