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The Regeneration Magazine

The Regeneration Magazine a biannual publication, available in digital or print, showcasing creatives, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and other businesses making waves in the environmental movement, changing the conversation and actively combating climate change.

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Walkin’ Pets by

Walkin’ Pets by grew from the belief that pets are family and that the inability to walk should never limit a pet’s ability to live an active, happy life. This fully adjustable dog wheelchair is ideal for pets effected by disease or conditions that lead to mobility loss to regain their active lifestyle. With over 1 million miracles (and counting!), Walkin’ Pets has helped enable pets from all over the world to run, play and regain their independence.

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By helping you say YES to buying the products and services that support jobs within your community, our mission is to keep all of US working. YES.US reports and indices give you needed insights to compare and contrast the job impacts of your buying decisions.

Now, you have the power to make decisions that keep as many jobs as possible close to home.