Climate Futures

Core Business Member

What if your company could improve its bottom-line and help the environment with every sale? Climate Futures created the 1PLANET Marketplace for win-win business models based on 20 years of experience with carbon footprint management and carbon offsetting. We make taking climate action easy.

1PLANET utilizes blockchain technology for maximum transparency and is built for e-commerce B2B and B2C solutions. Use 1PLANET to offer your customers climate friendly products and services and to engage your stakeholders to take climate action. Join the 1PLANET App and market your sustainable products and services to our 1PLANET community of eco-conscious users and partners.

The 1PLANET Marketplace brings together people, companies, and climate solutions to create a positive economy for climate action. 1PLANET is designed for transactional offsetting for

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Customer Reward Programs
  • Green Supply Chains
  • Product or Event Promotions
  • Event or Team Sponsorships

The team at Climate Futures has worked with carbon footprint management and carbon markets since 1998. We help organizations monetize their carbon assets and develop their carbon reduction strategies. We use international and US carbon accounting and offset standards. Our turn-key and customizable solutions enable companies of any size to verifiably reduce their business carbon footprint.