Building Informatics

Core Business Member

Building Informatics Group, LLC, is the only service provider in the building industry focused exclusively on reliable and efficient BIM2FM information exchange. 


The value of BIM can only be realized when building information flows reliably throughout the building life cycle. For over 10 years, the building industry has sought to achieve this goal with the “Life Cycle Building Information Model,” an unproven and unrealized abstract concept based on a single repository of building information sustained throughout a building’s useful life.

This concept is fundamentally flawed and out of step with core database technologies. Rather, to the extent possible, building information should be independent of the software applications used to create it and should flow reliably from one software application to another, so that the most appropriate tool can be applied to the data at any stage in the building life cycle.

Our simple, methodical BIM2FM process uses COBie, an information exchange standard, to create a proprietary Facility Information Specification that defines the content of building information to be extracted from design and construction models, validated to the owner’s satisfaction, and imported into the owner’s FM software systems.