Triple Ethos

Community Business Member

Triple Ethos Board Advisory Services helps organizations integrate sustainability values into their board governance and business strategy.  We work with benefit corporations and social enterprises in each stage of their development, nonprofits with earned revenue models, and SMEs who wish to begin or expand CSR and ESG-related initiatives.

On the path to sustainability, triple bottom line values of “people, planet and profit” become part of a company’s defining ethos.

Using the triple bottom-line framework as a lens, our services include:

  • Board development
  • Developing a stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Developing/clarifying the organization’s mission, vision and values
  • Establishing social, environmental and economic goals
  • Developing a business strategy to achieve triple bottom-line goals, including tracking and reporting capabilities and processes.

Triple Ethos contributes to creating a more just and sustainable society by helping organizations clarify, integrate, and actualize their environmental, social, and economic visions, values, and goals.