Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum

Community Business Member


Forums are places where ideas and views are exchanged and discussed. SMSBF exists as a forum where the most important topic of our time — sustainability — is opened-up and stakeholders discover what it takes to run sustainable businesses. We fulfill our purpose by:

  • Organizing engagements that bring regional stakeholders together to present, discuss and exchange ideas having to do with sustainable business principles and practice.
  • Creating a platform for sustainable business professionals, entrepreneurs, government representatives and other stakeholders to exchange experiences having to do with the practice of sustainable business.
  • Providing a regional forum for sustainable business stakeholders to connect and build relationships.
  • Developing unique resources, such as case studies, records of engagements and related materials that stakeholders can use to learn about sustainable business practices.

Vision Statement

To be the organization in Southeast Michigan to whom business leaders, managers, associates and entrepreneurs turn to connect, discover and learn about sustainable business practices.

Value Creation

SMSBF creates value through its network of stakeholders and by leveraging the connections we make, the things we discover and the knowledge we gain; we develop relationships; organize symposia and other forum engagements and related activities. Our work entails getting to know the regional entities who are pursuing sustainable business practices, which leads to a unique understanding of how this is manifest within the region. SMSBF seeks a diverse spectrum of viewpoints on the ways in which sustainable business ought to be practiced; we organize symposia and discussion forums around these viewpoints. All of what we do means SMSBF is a unique resource for understanding the ways in which sustainable business is practiced in Southeast Michigan