Climate & Energy

The American Sustainable Council is engaging our broad network of business organizations, companies and investors and working closely with other stakeholders to address climate change vis a vis policy advocacy for fossil-fuel free energy solutions, climate change mitigation solutions coupled with environmental justice and inclusive economic considerations. Climate change poses an existential threat to humanity, threatening financial security, our supply chains, modern infrastructure systems and the environment as a whole. ASBC believes that developing policy approaches that are championed by strong business representation and messaging is crucial in order to secure a positive and equitable climate future.

The American Sustainable Business Council positions its policy advocacy through the nexus of thought leadership and coalition building. In all of our work, we deliver through:

  1. Building the infrastructure to support maximum business engagement across size, sector and geography Working with our diverse business membership to increase awareness of climate and energy issues through our external communications, social media and events
  2. Advancing the collective private sectors knowledge through our research and analysis, white papers and reports and educational engagements
  3. Building off of our members’ commitment for progressive change, we design action opportunities for businesses, investors and partner organizations to advance these key issues.
  4. Creating ongoing engagement between our business community and members of Congress, the Administration and federal agencies. Engaging our state affiliates in state capitols through briefings, hearing and direct communications

Clean Energy Victory Bonds

With the US and countries around the world experiencing their hottest years on record and growing natural disasters causing billions of dollars of damage in the US alone, support among the American public for a transition to renewable energy technologies is strong. Eighty percent of Americans support a move to solar and wind, and over two-thirds of the public calling on the US Government to do more. 


Businesses for Conservation and Climate Action

Increasing climate-driven pressures and extreme events, new and continued efforts to industrialize lands and waters, and struggling resource-dependent communities demand that the U.S. set a new course for ocean and land conservation governance and climate action.


Let’s Collaborate to Reduce Packaging Waste

Most products are brought to market in packaging that is excessive, unsustainable or both. Globally, nationally and locally, packaging waste causes enormous environmental damage, and good disposal solutions are not widely implemented. As business is the source of most product packaging, it is best positioned to advance more sustainable packaging policies. ASBC’s Reduce Packaging Waste campaign offers a way to gather business leaders’ practical insights and collaborate with policymakers to develop packaging waste reduction policies that make sense.


White Papers, Business Cases, Case Studies & Polling
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Making the Business Case

These reports contain clear and compelling business and economic benefits exist for our policy positions. In fact, most of our policy positions include ones that have been painted by others as bad for business. These documents can be used to help educate policymakers and others about how policies based on sustainable principles can be good for all stakeholders, including the planet.