Local First Ithaca

Association Members

Local First Ithaca brings people, businesses, and organizations together to create a successful local economy that uses resources, experience, and inclusiveness to foster a thriving and livable community.

Local First Ithaca is an inclusive network of independent, locally owned businesses & services, farmers, non-profits, and community members.The organization creates awareness by educating members of the community, through media and seasonal Buy Local campaigns, about the importance of voting with your dollars to build a thriving local living economy. By partnering with existing local organizations/groups that are working toward similar goals, Local First Ithaca multiplies the impact of these mutual missions.

Local First Ithaca supports local businesses through group promotion, market development, and encouraging sustainable practices.

Local First Ithaca provides a voice for small businesses to influence governmental issues that affect them directly by advocating for policies at the local, state, and national level.

Finally, Local First Ithaca works to keep more dollars at home through events and other programs that build local economic capacity.